May 31, 2016


Current seasonal flu vaccines have ranged in effectiveness between 10% and 60% during the past 10 years, highlighting the innate variability in circulating flu strains from year to year. Imutex will be leveraging technology licensed from SEEK to develop a Broad-Spectrum Influenza Vaccine (BIV), called FLU-v, against multiple flu strains. FLU-v works by targeting conserved internal proteins common to all flu viruses to activate T and B-cells, key components of the human immune system response. The success of such an approach would eliminate the sensitivity to strain variability seen with traditional vaccines and promote single vaccine coverage for all flu strains.

Working closely with NIAID, Imutex will be leveraging the hVIVO and NIAID platforms to conduct a Phase II clinical study of FLU-v to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this novel vaccine. Study design is well advanced and the Phase II study is expected to commence in 2016.

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